How Solar Energy Works
Hereʼs an overview of the solar energy facts, the process, and the equipment that can help you generate your own clean, more affordable energy.
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Solar Panels
The solar panels are made up of photovoltaic (PV) cells, which convert sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity throughout the day.
Solar Panels
The solar panels are made up of photovoltaic (PV) cells, which convert sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity throughout the day.
This device converts the DC electricity generated by the solar panels into the alternating current (AC) electricity used by your building and the grid.
Electrical Panel
The AC electricity is sent from the inverter to your electrical panel to power your lights and appliances with solar energy. The electrical panel is often called a “breaker box.”
Utility Meter
The utility meter measures your energy use. It actually goes backward when your system generates more power than you immediately need. This excess solar energy offsets the energy you use at night.
Utility Grid
Your business is still connected to the grid. Youʼll need that power from the utility company at night, but donʼt worry: the cost is offset by any excess solar energy you put into the grid during the day.
PCS Energy Monitoring System
Our comprehensive monitoring system continuously tracks your energy production and ensures that your solar power system is running smoothly. It will even alert our repair crews in the rare event that problems arise.
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Unlike many competitors, we are not tied to specific manufacturing lines. Using the highest-quality products from reputable vendors, we offer a comprehensive range of innovative solutions across multiple manufacturers. We have the necessary product expertise to ensure you get the solution that best meets your needs. We stay current with emerging technologies, too, and can make them available when they are right for you.
We offer an extensive track record in solar and EV charging as well as lighting system evaluation, design, implementation, and management. Our process includes an infrastructure audit, future needs assessment, financial analysis, and impact review for your property. Weʼre responsible for your project from inception to completion, ensuring your solution achieves optimum efficiency levels and maximizes your ROI.
We stay informed by continually reviewing all requirements for utility company rebates and tax-deduction incentives. Our up-to-date knowledge allows us to navigate the complexities of federal, state, and local programs for your company to ensure you capitalize on all available financial incentive opportunities.
We certify contractors through our Contractor Partner Program, assign the appropriate resources for the job requirements, and provide direct oversight on every project. You can be confident that your project will be completed within budget and on time. A quality review at the end of every job ensures that our service matches up to our high standards.
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