Our Commitment
PCS Energy was formed by multi-family apartment owners for the benefit of multi-family apartment owners. PCS founders understand the unique needs associated with multifamily housing, and we customize our solutions to reflect those unique needs. Now, after several years of commercial solar development, we have expanded our services to include warehouses, self-storage, hangars, airports, food and beverage facilities, and ground-mount systems. We pride ourselves on accommodating the full spectrum of commercial customers.
Everything we propose is tested and proven technology that has been installed on our own properties. Our goal is to recommend and implement processes and to install systems that will reduce or eliminate your electric and other utility costs while improving the lighting and living experience at your property. This will also increase your monthly cash flow and in turn substantially increase the value of each property. The payback period is usually less than 3 years.
After our implementation, we will generate easy-to-understand, real-time, monthly reports based on benchmarking. The only way to truly and effectively create savings is to track and evaluate the savings as you move forward.
PCS Energy will also help with anticipating future needs. We make it easier for our clients to adapt to upcoming regulations, such as Title 24 compliance and AB1103, regulations that are unique to the California multi-family housing industry.
Our Process is Comprised of Three Unique Steps:
A Complete Energy Audit of the Property
Step One involves a complete energy audit at your property to identify items such as: lighting that may be outdated or inefficient, EV charging needs, the need for solar electric PV systems, demand-reducing equipment, and other cost-saving items associated with your utility bill.
Overview of Turnkey Improvements
Step Two involves a turnkey and a la carte overview of recommended improvements with time frames and costs along with available rebates, incentives, and tax benefits. This overview will identify the advantages of doing each item stand-alone or the recommendations in whole.
Implementation of the Approved Projects
Step Three implements each of the approved projects from start to finish. We benchmark and track each process and evaluate the success of the project on a going forward basis. This will ensure that the projects put into place and the investments made are evaluated, confirmed, and maximized.
The PCS Difference
Access to a Broad
Range of Products
Design Expertise
In-Depth Knowledge of
Rebates + Tax Incentives
Service Model Focused
on Client Needs
Unlike many competitors, we are not tied to specific manufacturing lines. Using the highest-quality products from reputable vendors, we offer a comprehensive range of innovative solutions across multiple manufacturers. We have the necessary product expertise to ensure you get the solution that best meets your needs. We stay current with emerging technologies, too, and can make them available when they are right for you.
We offer an extensive track record in solar and EV charging as well as lighting system evaluation, design, implementation, and management. Our process includes an infrastructure audit, future needs assessment, financial analysis, and impact review for your property. Weʼre responsible for your project from inception to completion, ensuring your solution achieves optimum efficiency levels and maximizes your ROI.
We stay informed by continually reviewing all requirements for utility company rebates and tax-deduction incentives. Our up-to-date knowledge allows us to navigate the complexities of federal, state, and local programs for your company to ensure you capitalize on all available financial incentive opportunities.
We certify contractors through our Contractor Partner Program, assign the appropriate resources for the job requirements, and provide direct oversight on every project. You can be confident that your project will be completed within budget and on time. A quality review at the end of every job ensures that our service matches up to our high standards.
Start saving energy with us!